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We Have Put Together A Simple Strategy That Will Amplify Members Earnings Easily Through The Sales Of Our Ad Packages. No More Will Members Who Can't Refer Or Are New To Marketing Come Up Short. TRX Waves Has Made It So Every Marketer That Comes Through Our Doorway Has The Same Chance At Great Success As The Top Leaders In The Industry! Simply Put,"NOGLB"


Tron is rapidly growing in the cryptocurrency world. Many marketers, admins, and business owners are starting to use Tron (TRX) as a form of payment for goods and services. And as such, the value of Tron will steadily increase over the coming years. Most marketers missed the BOOM of Bitcoin by not buying when it was $0.03 a coin. Mostly because they were unfamiliar with cryptocurrency. Now there's a second chance with Tron and everyone can get involved to cash out on this sleeping monster!


What Is TRX Waves?

Tron Waves is a simple advertising platform that allows members to advertise to other members their products and services by using Banner and Text ad views. If a member sees an opportunity they would like to participate in, they will click the advertisement and be redirected to the site of the ad.

For each 1Trx spent is worth 2 ad views. So the higher the package purchased, the more ad views a member receives, the better his/her chances of making a sale. Here is what makes TRX Waves (TW)so special. With TW our affiliate compensation plan is very powerful. It is massive wave series of straight line, 2x2's, 2x10, 3x10, 4x10, and 5x10 pay grids that are Company Forced so every member whether a newbie or veteran can earn and build on autopilot once their foundation is set. And all of the payments are instantly verified and paid directly to members. No requesting of withdrawals! How cool is that?

Here’s How it Works!


Register and Purchase Your First Ad pack For A One Time 55trx.

Spread The Word About The Advertising And Viral Comp Plan With Dynamic Compression.

Get 2 Or More Network Members And Duplicate The Process To Easily Obtain Success!

Regular 2x2 Affiliate Compensation Plan

Get Paid From Every Member In Your 2x2 Direct To Your Tron Wallet!
Plus Sponsor Referral Commissions (40trx) Paid Instantly After Purchase Of Regular 2x2 ad pack and (12trx) Paid Upon Completion Of Registration Into Our Infinity Trx Wave Series.

With our Straight Line Infinity Trx Wave Series and Regular 2x2 structures makes leveling up extremely fast. But here is an insider secret (shhh do not tell anyone). Those who upgrade before completing cycling gets prime positioning on the compensation board. This was to make it fair for all to earn no matter what their online skill set may be. Also you are not limited on which ad package you purchase after the first one. If you want to purchase Tier 5 level 3 after Tier 1 level 1, you may do so. If you would rather purchase 10 Tier 1 level 1, that is also allowed. Even if you want to jump from our Infinity series to our 2x2 to our Super Wave Series that is allowed. In Fact, the more variety you have of all 3 Wave series could put your income growth on autopilot.

With the Infinity Wave Series, which this is where you will begin your journey with us. You will cycle faster than you have ever cycled before. We have many members that love the Infinity series and have earned a substantial amount of Tron. Our low starting fee makes this the ideal site to sky rocket your online earnings.


Are You Starting To See The Big Picture Of The Massive Earning Potential?

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Marcus Miller - 2021-01-23